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  • Girls Gone Astray

    Short & Shorter Stories

    by Susan Isa Efros


    GIRLS GONE ASTRAY is a collection of short and shorter stories about women in their teens to eighties who venture off the traditional path to discover unexpected and potent truths about themselves.

    A high school student falls in love with her best girlfriend and promises not to tell anyone; a wealthy elderly woman with dementia goes for a drive with a homeless man; a psychic gets locked out of her office and with the help of her spirit guide talks her way back inside; a teenager idolizes her uncle until she finds out who he really is; a woman writer unaware that she has only twenty minutes to live is obsessed with getting a cup of coffee. These and other smart, provocative, humorous and emotionally charged stories will surprise and delight you.


    Susan’s work has appeared in Amelia, Ascent, Christopher Street, the Feminist Art Journal, Narrative Magazine, the Patterson Literary Review, Paris Transcontinental, Yellow Silk and Juked. She is a frequent contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle and Funny Times. She is the author of Walking Vanilla, a novel, and the editor of This Is Women’s Work, an anthology. Susan was awarded a Marin Arts Council Individual Writers Grant in 2003 for her short fiction, “The Ozzie and Harriet Factor.”


    She lives in Marin County with Jerilyn Gilbert, her partner of 30 years. Contact her at susanefros.com


    “Susan Efros’ work is full of vitality, wit and wonderful insight. I highly recommend Girls Gone Astray to you. Hers is a voice that should be widely read and will be very popular.”

    Susan Griffin, author of Chorus of Stones and The Book of the Courtesans


    “I love Susan Efros’ characters. They are funny, quirky, sure of themselves, spirited and refreshingly honest. Good characters to grow with.”

    Molly Giles, author of Creek Walk and All the Wrong Places


    Susan Efros is a vital, witty poet whose Two-Way Streets gave me much pleasure.”

    Marge Piercy, author of Made in Detroit (poetry) and The Cost of Lunch Etc. (short stories)


    Girls Gone Astray is a clear-eyed, sensitively-written series of imaginative stories. Susan Efros gives us a wonderful sense of place, and brings us close to her characters with authentic-and often very humorous-dialogue, as well as satisfying resolutions.”

    Thaisa Frank, author of Heidegger’s Glasses and Enchantment


    “In Girls Gone Astray, Susan Efros gives us a compelling collection of stories. Writing from multiple points of view, she creates a wonderful cast of characters who share their secrets and personal tragedies. The pace is brisk and the dialogue is so vivid that it leaps off of the page. I read it all in one sitting and wanted more!”

    Mary Mackey, author of The Village of Bones

    Central Disorder by M.D. McCann  ON SALE NOW!


    by M.D. McCann

    Smoldering satire and personal narrative fuse in this epic tale of a cadet in a Texas military school preparing for war in Vietnam while navigating the counterculture revolution in which he finds himself.


    Our unapologetically unreliable narrator careens through the sixties with fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror–military school, muscle cars, rock and roll, Texas, and backyard bomb shelters. Written in his distinctive style, M.D. McCann delivers a raucous ride in Central Disorder.

    M.D. McCann


    U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, law degree, businessman. Enjoys adventure travel, motorcycle riding, sailing, flying, hunting and fishing, tequila shots, reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Octavio Paz, photography, agreeable women, and driving old pick-up trucks.


    M.D. McCann lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. This is his first book.


    And it's about time we heard from him...


    Asked who might enjoy reading Central Disorder, the author responded thus:


    “Subversives, malcontents, juvenile delinquents, anarchists, disappointed office seekers, rednecks, atheists, agnostics, doomsday types, Libertarians, revolutionaries, militarists, xenophobes, nativists, gonzo journalists, misanthropes, adventurers, Quakers, Yellow Dog Democrats, muckrakers, scalawags, and just about anyone else who can read and enjoys something different.”

    –M.D. McCann



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    Travelin’ with the Poor Boy from Becks Creek follows James P. Creekmore and his family from a rudimentary cabin near Williamsburg, Kentucky across the US in the 1930s, up and down the west coast in the 1940s, and out to sea on a World War II-era submarine, the USS
    Croaker, in the late 1950s.


    When the author marries his “one and only,” a new adventure begins, one that includes making a living, raising a family, and creating a more prosperous life than the poverty he knew as a child.

    A natural storyteller, Creekmore shares the long journey of his life and travels–stories filled with tragedy, hilarity, love and loss–proving an ordinary life can be an extraordinarily rich experience.

    James P. Creekmore

    James P. Creekmore is an exquisite storyteller originally from Kentucky who writes of work, family, and his adventures aboard the USS Croaker, a WWII-era submarine. He lives in

    Powell Butte, Oregon with his extended family nearby. This is his first book.




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